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The Recycle Challenge

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There may be changes to the schedule due to the presence of COVID.

As a conscious minded event, we thrive to walk being informed of how the 
variants are directly affecting our local and global partners. Due to this factor, we want to keep our events safe for those who attend and more importantly, for our team.


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New Orleans will host The Recycle Challenge on Earth Day for 2022. 


Attendees will be introduced to an online experience and a limited in person event. The event planned will visual  intertwine recycling with discussions, live performances,  vendors and more! All celebrating green to sustainable practices.

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Our programs through Whose Magazine? A Youth Publication worked through the 2018 to 2019, school year with Light Christian Academy in the Lower 9th Ward.  Through the introduction to Rowena K. and her artist husband, Russell Robinson, the three formed a collaboration to develop programs in the school. Programs developed: recycling & art, Photography, Cooking With A Chef, KBS News Show and Whose Magazine. It is through this program that youth created paper guitars (6 to 10 guitars). And have started the assembly of Madera Rogers-Henry "SunFlower Dress".

May 2021

A grant has been provided by Ya' Heard Me & TANDEM ED Grant awarded to Chic Nouvelle Model Management. The grant has provided stipends for rehearsals, script writing and planning for 2023 Paper Dresses.


Meeting at Co-Sponor - The McCommick family  property in New Orleans. The first meeting after the pandemic began. Youth & adult artists, along with parents start the base work for the paper dresses.


To maintain our schedule and to keep our team safe during the pandemic. Made shifted any meeting in persons to online rehearsals ZOOM. We are currently working within the guidelines

July 2021 - December 2021

For the past six months, our small performance team consisting of: Creator of The Dress Challenge, Madera Rogers-Henry, is joined by songwriter & main performer: Jared Valry. Valry serves as the conscious of the event utilizing his skills as fire flow artist, singer/musician and entertainer . As Deacon Truth & Consequences he weaves performance and storytelling into the overall flow of the performance parade.  Regular meetings include sponsor of Chic Nouvelle Model Talent Management, owner Rowena K. Robinson. A special thank you to Rowena who received a grant from Ya' Heard Me & TANDEM ED for stipends to create scripts, rehearse and youth and adult artists -create paper dresses for 2022 and 2023 event. Our youth member is 16year old, Sasha Woods of New Orleans.  See the below listings of "Big Moma's Dress", "Star & Spangle Paper Dress", "The Church Dress" and "The Hallowed Fire Dress." 

November 2021 

There's various collaborations, which will be introduced in December. A special note goes to the Association of Milliners of Nigeria, based in Lagos, Nigeria, has one-hundred members. The challenge for Lagos? Create from recycled material, new works of art. Through an online voting experience -  The People's Choice, ten to fifteen hats will be introduced at the New Orleans, Earth Day festival & parade.  The remaining hats will be available for on line auction. details are being organized for an event in Lagos that will be "live-streamed to the New Orleans event.

                                  Video Length: 47:25






August 2021

The Map Dress has been crafted to honor The "Negro Motorist Green Book". Published in 1936 to 1948, in the era of Jim Crow, the travel guide assisted Black  travelers with a trusted resource guide.

December 2021


"The African Dress" script and rehearsals will be scheduled in December honoring the values of Kwaanza and history. The dress will be crafted by artist, 16 year old, Sasha Woods of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Video Length: 9:17

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About Us

Big Mama's 

Paper Dress 

*June /  Honors June 19th, 1865


Adult Artist: Russell Robinson (Video 3:05 seconds)  Listen to his inspiration for the dress.

Stars & Spangle Paper Dress

July / Honors the events around the fight for freedoms from slavery to present date.

(Video 1:13 seconds)

Honors 1863 to 1867                     Youth Artist: Rose

(Video 24 seconds)

Support Artist: Hailey Haynes


(Watching Time:)Watch video of dress.

Meet Rose and her mother (watching Time:) 

The Church Dress 


*Honors September 15, 1963  


Adult Artist: Reuben Craddock

(Video 43 seconds)


Support Artist: Russell Robinson

Paper Church Fabricator (Video 42 seconds) 


Support Artist: Madera  Rogers-Henry

Paper Top & Collar


Honors event around The 16th Street Church Bombing of four young girls incidents in history that involved fires or bombings.


Watch Zoom presentation (Video  46:05)

Final draft script & technical rehearsal video

The Hallowed Fire Dress 

*October 31st to November 1st - All Saint's Day


Discusses origin of Hallow Eve to All Saint's Day


Youth Artist: Hailey Haynes


Acknowledges the origins of halloween, All Saints Day and the African connection to the wearing of costumes. The African celebration connects to rites of passage, ancestors, celebration of life and transition to death.

Watch Zoom presentation

(Video  52:05)

Final draft script &

technical rehearsal video  


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