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Email: chicnouvelle1@gmail.com 

Text: (504) 228-5232

ROWENA KAY ROBINSON, extraordinaire CEO of Chic Nouvelle speaks volumes of her level of success. Her class, style, and flair, Create and cultivate the art of modeling and talent Management, that epitomize what it takes to embrace specializations, that are laser focused on molding and shaping a tried-and-true method etched in a blue print of professionalism; unlike no other.  

At a very young age; she knew her calling to make a difference in the world was undeniable. The daughter of a brilliant Poet, and writer in a family of twelve Rowena Kay was no stranger to the contributions of the artist community. Unfortunately, Rowena Kay talented and gifted family was not given many outlets to display their talents. As a result, this was the “Aha” moment, for her, and her niche’ to start booking her own siblings, which allowed the siblings to become participators, not just spectators, and walk through the doors of value brushing an array of colorful stokes of talent, and skills  across a blank canvas that are memorable, fortuitous, and brilliant.