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                       September 24 - 26, 2020
                               Launch Events
                           11:00 am - 11:00 pm
        Three-days of activities for our on-line market celebrating our rich Black, African-Caribbean traditions & cultures. A virtual experience of storytelling through                         knowledge for the global village. 
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  We intentionally spend our collective dollars with a Black owned radio station. Introducing

News & Arts Show on

WBOK 1230 Radio AM.

 Debut Date: September 2, 2020

Wednesday's from 12noon to 12:30 PM.

Tune into New Orleans WBOK 1230 AM Radio 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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3 Days 

Beauty & Fashion


Discussions on Health & Diet

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Conversations on Culture &


Group Economics

Over 5

Pre-Taped &

Live Musical Acts

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We are currently developing an amazing schedule for our first on-line experience for the Launch Event on September 24-26, 2020. We post new updates daily.

Continue to scroll. Learn more about our team and see photographs that are intended to inspire you to think.


Thank you from from local and a free photography download application named 


Happy Children

3 Days of Children, Youth & Parent Activities 

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Press Coverage

News, Resources & Media 

  Inspirational Moments


Meditation, Exercising & Self Care

We're taking you on a journey that will shift your knowledge and awareness.


Open your eyes and look closely... what you may see is an opening for possibilities.


We are a global, on-line community arising from Afro-Caribbean market history celebrating information, movements, music, and soul healing.

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The Green Journey Series newest virtual experience 


This is the “Black Pearl Marketplace” a 21st Century phenomenon steeped in the beauty and economical life of a bygone Afro-Caribbean experience. 


Our schedule of workshops, videos and information is being coordinated.  

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Executive Director & Artist

Executive Director & Artist

Madera Rogers-Henry City: New Orleans, La. Mission: Promoting sustainable living. Using recycling as education and art form.

Support Coordinator

Support Coordinator

Tive Ijoko Village: Houston, Texas Mission: Being A First Time Mother Thoughts:As a student of life, I want to share the beauty in each one

Welcome Coordinator

Welcome Coordinator

Surayyah Muhammed City: New Orleans, La. Mission: Continuing education Thoughts: As a student of life she's a business entrepreneur for PlantBase Skincare line. She utilizes organic products for her hand-made items.

Welcome Rep & Support

Welcome Rep & Support

Linda C. Shaw Village: Denver, Colo. Mission: Sharing gift as Praise Poet Thoughts: As an author, poet and teacher she shares her passion to live life to the fullest as a resource for others.

Director of SoFar Sounds Nola/ Talent Booking

Director of SoFar Sounds Nola/ Talent Booking

Village: New Orleans, La. Mission:I love to not only help people listen to new music, I love to help them experience it by putting artists before them that they may not have ever heard and giving them the chance to hear their stories and feel their emotions to deepen their connection to the music.

Photo by:High Heal Productions

Photo by:High Heal Productions

Photographers who have contributed images are: High Heal Productions, Madera E. Rogers-Henry for The Green Journey Series Free on-line photography are from are: Those photographers are: @AlexandreSaraiva Carniato @DazzleJam @FillipeGomes @KevinBidwellPhotos @PapaYaw


We are honored for your interest in Black Pearl MarketPlace where the village comes together! If you would like to be a vendor with us,have questions or wish to perform within the village, contact us:  


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