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Enter the doors of life!
Virtual Pop-Up Market/Expo 
with Vendors
Hours 11:00 am - 8:00 pm CST
Weekends only!
September 25th-26th, 2020
October 2nd-3rd, 2020
October 9th-10th, 2020
Business Services
Local to International  
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Voice Over Artist


Local & national established clients

The Village: Denver, Colorado


Story: Owner, Linda C. Shaw is a gifted woman who is known for her Praise Poetry with insightful words of honoring The Creator. She's an author, creative lyricist & producer of Symphony of Sound Podcast on Sunday's. Her ability is to be acknowledged as the associate producer for Black Pearl A thirty minute radio show.  

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Technology Coach 

The Village: Henderson, Nevada 


Works locally, nationally and internationally

Story: Cognitive Prototyping LLC is provides resources and services that cultivate cognitive and emotional creativity through aesthetic freedom and wellness. Services offered are Business & Technology Consulting, Wellness & Creativity Coaching. Resources provided include Sunsum Intention Candles.

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Talent Agency 

The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana

Local & national established clients 

Story: It's been eleven years, that philanthropist, owner, community organizer and youth advocate, Rowena Kay McCormick-Robinson has been the head of Chic Nouvelle Model Management. Along with her husband, they wear several hats with RRMurals Photography, and Chic Nouvelle Magazine. 


The agency specializes in providing models for fashion shows, run ways show and print work. There's a division within the agency that handles speciality talent as performers & stilt walkers.

8-18-20 Eating Clean with Rah -page-003.

Meal & Detox Plan 

The Village: Houston, Texas


Ships locally & nationally 

Story: Chef Rah is described as a vibrant personality that offers personalized service as education, coaching, individual meal prep & detox plans for the vegan to pescetarian lifestyle.

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Artist PR Support

The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana


Story: Surayyah Muhammed, is the owner and maker of all her natural products with natural ingredients to create skincare for men and women, alike.

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Security Services

The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana


Works with clients locally & nationally


Story: Black owned business with over 30 years of service to the New Orleans community. Provides security guards, armed & unarmed for films, small to large businesses or corporations and  events.

One on One or Group
Based Services  
Dreamer Touch 00-Logo_DTMT-Main-Update-0

Massage Therapist 


The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Local New Orleans area


COVID19 Safety Practices


Story: Owner, Dwayne "Dreamer" McKee has more than sixteen years in the massage therapist business. The name Dreamer's Touch simply, states what to expect. He specializes in movement with mind body connection for children and adults.

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Intuitive & Card Reader 


The Village: Denver, Colorado


Owner & artist, Euda K. Best is a reader of cards, personal coach/consultant in the area of charkas, healing & affirmations. As a yoga practitioner she fully understands how to assist a person in centering self.  

  Beauty & Fashion Products   
8-26-20 Bijoux_Logo-1.png


The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana


Ships locally & nationally


Story: Bijoux de Delone - Hand Crafted Jewelry is owned and designed by, Andrea who is a mother and wife creating each item of handmade jewelry and other accessories since 2003.

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The Village: New Orleans,



Ships locally &  national


Story: Owner, Jacquel Dianne, the girl behind the pliers at Decor8d Jewelry Co.

Born and raised in New Orleans who started making jewelry in high school.when she couldn't find what see liked in stores. With her vivid imagination, inspirations as her Jewelry for The Journey Line, introduces natural stones that is a blessing for the wearer of the conscious jewelry. 


Natural Skincare

The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana


Story: Surayyah Muhammed, is the owner and maker of all her natural products with natural ingredients to create skincare for men and women, alike.

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Intention Candles

The Village: Lafayette, Louisiana


Ships locally, nationally & internationally


Story: Owner, Akilah is a small black owned business who makes candles for self-care and mindfulness practices. Providing high-quality, all natural luxury candles to buyers with brick-n-mortar or online stores. Sell by case.

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New Vendor

The Village: Denver, Colorado


Ships locally &  nationally

Story: Owner, Phyllis Davis designs gifts for various occasions including Diaper-Cakes and my "Patented Candy Dolls." All gifts are carefully crafted for client's preferences and are delivered on-time and in perfect condition.

Fatou djima-djama_logo_STACKED_COLOR.png

Fashion Purses 

The Village: Mali, West Africa

Office based: Boulder, Colorado


Ships locally, nationally & internationally


Story: djimi djama is from Agile International, the parent company. It embraces sustainability as it empowers women farmers in Mali to also, sustain themselves through making hand-crafted fashion purses. 


Jewelry & Lifestyle 

The Village: New Orleans, Louisiana


Ships locally & nationally


Story: Cassandra Richardson is the owner and creative director of a custom jewelry company and lifestyle brand that also, provides amazing products that complements the home, with a Nola flair.

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Youth Products

The Village: Brooklyn, New York


Ships locally, nationally & internationally


Story: Regine Romain is a Haitian-American

Artist/Educator/ Visual


Featuring photography, children coloring books and items.

Executive Director & Artist

Executive Director & Artist

Madera Rogers-Henry City: New Orleans, La. Mission: Promoting sustainable living. Using recycling as education and art form.

Welcome Coordinator

Welcome Coordinator

Surayyah Muhammed City: New Orleans, La. Technology Support & Scheduling Mission: Continuing education Thoughts: As a student of life she's a business entrepreneur for PlantBase Skincare line. She utilizes organic products for her hand-made items.

Welcome Rep & Support

Welcome Rep & Support

Linda C. Shaw Village: Denver, Colo. Associate Producer & Engineer of Radio Show Mission: Sharing gift as Praise Poet Thoughts: As an author, poet and teacher she shares her passion to live life to the fullest as a resource for others.

Akilah Jackson of Cognitive Prototyping

Akilah Jackson of Cognitive Prototyping

Village: Lafayette, Louisiana Technology Support & Development of Virtual Market Platforms Mission: Wanting to support those in need. As a computer tech she has a gift to assist in solving problems and seeing the vision in respect to the best computer platforms to assist in the vision.

Photo by:High Heal Productions

Photo by:High Heal Productions

Photographers who have contributed images are: High Heal Productions, Madera E. Rogers-Henry for The Green Journey Series Free on-line photography are from are: Those photographers are: @AlexandreSaraiva Carniato @DazzleJam @FillipeGomes @KevinBidwellPhotos @PapaYaw

Support Coordinator

Support Coordinator

Tive Ijoko Village: Houston, Texas Mission: Being A First Time Mother Thoughts:As a student of life, I want to share the beauty in each one