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The Full Story


When the pandemic began in 2019, the climate in America was very delicate. George Floyd death was on the minds and hearts of many across the world. What it reminded me was that I could create a platform that was affordable and allowed me to assist various brands at a wide array of points.  Black Pearl MarketPlace provided over two hundred free hours to meet with, plan and coach brands to take the next steps in their business evolving. Through the many trials and successes, we are an agency reaching a brand or business with one or two owners. Most importantly, businesses that are two years or more in business is a target audience. I want to do something more than talk about helping Black Creatives." Now, one year and nine month later, Black Pearl MarketPlace has evolved from a Black cooperative into a small size agency. The agency of Black Pearl MarketPlace focuses on developing brands from conception to brand development. In addition to, serving as a production company for medium to large size events.

There's no time like the present to collaborate and hire Black Creatives. 


Black Pearl Market Place focuses on small start-ups to medium-size businesses that needs effective support systems for their growing businesses.  What Black Pearl MarketPlace provides is a structure on a short-term bases. Through Black Pearl MarketPlace agency, we partner with local to international Black Creatives who assist to us bring dreams to fruition.



Black Pearl Market Place is


a black-owned and


operated business agency


bringing together (Black


Indigeous People of Color)


BIPOC professionals from


a range of fields to provide


services to brands,


business, and professional. 


Black creatives often have 


trouble breaking into industry.


Black Pearl Market Place seeks to


help creative professionals expand


their business and helps other


businesses take advantage of the


unique skills of BIPOC creative





In life we have to value every encounter, no matter the outcome. Even the negative experience adds value to your human experience. Black Pearl MarketPlace and the various talents & skill sets we bring to our client's table; allows us to provide an effective bridge to our local , regional  international clients. This interaction is rare, like the rarest of the pearls. The black pearl - more expensive than it's cousin, the natural pearl. When someone gifts a black pearl, the gesture extends knowledge or wishing wisdom to the wearer on their journey of life.

We take dreams to the next level on manifesting. 

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